False Starts

I wanted to apologize to readers who’ve gone to Barnes & Noble to look for Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits and weren’t able to find it. There was a glitch in the chain’s computer system; the release date was listed as November 7th instead of October 7th. I’m told that this has been corrected, and Hope should appear in those stores within the next few days. You can also, of course, order it online from B&N.com.

Meanwhile, Borders is experiencing some shipment delays. The cartons of books didn’t leave the warehouses in time to make it to stores by the official release date of October 7th. This, too, is being fixed. So, if you normally shop at Borders, try your store again in the next few days and you should find it. Or go to Borders.com.

And of course you can always find the book at all independent bookstores and online retailers.

I want to thank the many readers who’ve brought this to my attention. You guys rock! I appreciate your support very much. In fact, I’d like to give a free, autographed copy of Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits to the first reader who sends me an email with the subject line “HODP” and a street address.

Update: Todd C. from Vermont gets the signed copy.