One Guy Screwing Up America

I suppose it’s fashionable to write books about how much you hate liberals, and to top the list with people like Michael Moore. So Bernard Goldberg’s 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America is nothing new and could have just joined the piles of other books like it. Except Goldberg had to open his big mouth and say things like this:

Moore 20 years ago would have been a fringe character on the left. Now he represents mainstream liberalism…I guess I’m conservative on some issues, but on certain social issues, I’m quite liberal. I don’t care if Adam marries Steve. I have publicly said that I would make racial discrimination not just a civil offense but a criminal offense. But I’m against affirmative action because I don’t see why the children of Diana Ross should get some extra points but the sons of an Anglo-Saxon coal miner from West Virginia don’t get any points.

Because that’s what affirmative action is all about: helping all those rich, privileged black kids get into college.