Lisa Glatt Interview

Lisa Glatt, whose story collection The Apple’s Bruise was reviewed here at Moorishgirl in June, is interviewed over at Bookslut. Here’s a snippet:

So no procrastination. You write when you sit and that’s that.

LG: Yeah! It’s kind of that thing, I don’t know if you’ve heard it but there is no such thing as writer’s block, you just have to lower your expectations. It’s so true! If you are sitting there waiting for genius to visit you or the muse or whatever you’ll never get anything done. I find that especially with fiction and longer fiction. When I was writing poetry and was waiting for the feeling and the feeling came and I don’t think it works like that for fiction. There isn’t that rush. You have to sit there and do some work and hopefully something will happen.

Glatt’s husband, poet David Hernandez, chimes in as well.