McNicholl Interview

Damian McNicholl, with whom I had the pleasure to read at BookExpo’s Emerging Voices Panel, is interviewed over at Scott Esposito’s Conversational Reading. Here he is, talking about the voice for the novel:

The novel’s voice was tricky and something I really had to think very hard about when I started to write the book. Gabriel is very young when the novel opens and I wanted to capture precisely the thoughts and knowledge a very intelligent boy growing up in a rural environment would possess as he develops. I wanted the narration and dialogue to portray the boy’s innocence and growth in awareness as he matures, but I had to be careful because the book is intended for an adult audience and thus had to be sophisticated and credible simultaneously.

Speaking of BEA, you can go here to see what I looked like the day of the reading (disclaimer: 2 hours of sleep.) And here’s a group picture at the book bloggers’ panel.