“Arseholery” Is My New Favorite Word

The Financial Times continues to surprise us by its attention to books. Here’s their latest: A profile of British author Hari Kunzru, with this priceless quote:

I ask him how he feels about [his large advance] now – such deals can be a mixed blessing and it must have been a shock to those close to him. “Initially, with my friends, there was a certain amount of jealousy,” he admits in a drawl. “There was a general holding of breath as they waited to see if I was going to go all Puff Daddy. I had to be quite strict with my arseholery.” A laugh. “But I think, now, it has actually been good in a straightforward way. It has given me a place to live and a chance to write. The books have been critically well-received and when I meet journalists, by and large, we are talking about the work rather than the publishing story.”

I have yet to read either of Kunzru’s books, The Impressionist and Transmission.