Standaert Writes Book On Left Behind Series

Writer and blogger Michael Standaert’s investigative book on the Left Behind series will be released by Soft Skull Press in the fall, PW reports.

“The Left Behind books are functioning not just like a Christian John Grisham but as a highly organized effective tool for evangelizing and generating a great deal of money to support a network of organizations that are doing a lot of things the booksellers wouldn’t like,” says Soft Skull publisher Richard Nash. “We want to be able to let independent bookstores know what is going on behind these books that they’re selling.”

Asked whether the booksellers who stock the book aren’t already aware of, and have come to terms with, the contents of the book, Nash says that it will sway others with new facts about LaHaye, such as his connections to Jerry Falwell as well as with an organization to build a third temple at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The book is called Skipping Toward Armageddon: The Politics and Propaganda of the Left Behind Novels and the LaHaye Empire.