Imagine How Often It Happens to Actors in L.A.

Over at Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, writer Jill Bauerler talks about a curious encounter at the restaurant where she was waiting tables.

On a Friday night not too long ago, I approached a new deuce in my section, a couple. The woman seemed familiar and I pegged her as a publishing type. I don’t know why I decided this, except that I wait on a lot of publishing types and they are different from other business people. She seemed intelligent and fashionable, someone who could reference both Dostoevsky and “Sex and the City” in the same phrase. I thought that perhaps she was someone I had waited on before. I brought drinks and conducted the usual menu FAQ, describing the skate wing and just exactly what Basque-style means in reference to the veal tongue. Meanwhile, a bass drum thudded in my ears. I recognized the woman’s sultry voice. I was waiting on my agent.

Would she out herself to her agent or keep quiet? And what would the agent say? Read on.

Link cribbed from Maud.