Bailie Interview

Night Train‘s Tom Jackson talks to author Grant Bailie (Cloud 8), who is taking part in an unusual experiment with writing residencies:

According to Flux Factory, Bailie, Laurie Stone (“Starting with Serge,” “Close to the Bone”) and Pushcart Prize-winner Ranbir Sidhu will be locked from May 7 through June 4 in individual cubicles designed to meet the specific needs and interests of each of the writers. The three will be released for short periods each day to use the bathroom, shower, etc., but they must remain in their respective cubicles while they write a complete novel, from start to finish. Food, snacks and other supplies will be provided to them as requested.

Public readings of the novels-in-progress will be held every Saturday evening, and public viewings/press briefings will be held at other times each week.

You can read the interview here.