Vermin on The Mount

That’s it for me this week. I’ll be in Los Angeles for a few days, attending the L.A. TimesFestival of Books, having drinks with friends, and generally causing mayhem.

I’ll be doing some live blogging and a Q&A from the Swink booth, from 3 to 4 pm on Saturday, April 23. I’ll try to bring my camera along and take pictures.

I’ll also be reading at Jim Ruland‘s Vermin on the Mount series on the same day. (The event is co-sponsored by Swink.) Partners in crime include Steve Almond, Ben Ehrenreich, Julianne Flynn, Lisa Glatt, Dylan Landis, Alex Lemon, and my friend Mark Sarvas of TEV. If you’re in town, join us, why don’t you? And come say hi to us afterwards. The Mountain Bar is located across from the Wishing Well at 473 Gi Ling Way in Chinatown. Call 213 625-7500.