Home Land Wins Award

Sam Lipsyte’s Home Land has won the first annual Believer award. The award announcement raves

A Niagara of verbiage-droll, profane, raucous, sad-provides the energy for a social satire so merciless and heartfelt that it inspires in the reader a weird faith. Family life and the inescapable hierarchy of school are Home Land’s fattest targets, but the author’s packing blunderbuss, playfully blasting recovered memories, neo-sincere modern rock, academic plagiarism, and internet fetish porn. Lipsyte seamlessly-and bravely-grafts the most exquisitely ornate sentences to an overall vibe that’s as intimate as conversation. You will not laugh as much this year, even as you look down at the void that Lipsyte’s words so gorgeously, nervously cross.