Bloggers Get Ink

Newsday‘s Laurie Muchnick has launched a column devoted to new books and lit news, and she cites TEV, Maud Newton and Bookninja as blogs that have inspired her.

Finding the next book is what this new column is all about. We get hundreds of books sent to Newsday every week, and we only have room to review a fraction of them. I skim through many more, reading the first chapter of this and 50 pages of that, trying to decide what to assign. Sometimes I get so engrossed that I read an entire book but still don’t have enough room to devote a review to it. But in this column I’ll be able to highlight several books, with an in-depth review of one at the top and perhaps just a mention of other books that caught my attention. I’ll also be discussing publishing industry news as it affects readers (not writers), and perhaps lending my two cents to literary arguments such as what kind of books should be nominated for awards.