Watch the Wind Change Directions

I wouldn’t normally link to Andrew Sullivan, but this admission caught my eye:

The one anti-war argument that, in retrospect, I did not take seriously enough was a simple one. It was that this war was noble and defensible but that this administration was simply too incompetent and arrogant to carry it out effectively. I dismissed this as facile Bush-bashing at the time. I was wrong. I sensed the hubris of this administration after the fall of Baghdad, but I didn’t sense how they would grotesquely under-man the post-war occupation, bungle the maintenance of security, short-change an absolutely vital mission, dismiss constructive criticism, ignore even their allies (like the Brits), and fail to shift swiftly enough when events span out of control. This was never going to be an easy venture; and we shouldn’t expect perfection.

To which I reply with one word, which I believe others in the anti-war camp repeated often enough in the buildup to the invasion of Iraq, and that word is: Afghanistan.


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