Pulling a Terry Teachout

Earlier this week, this site welcomed its millionth visitor since it opened for business in October 2001. (As of now, MG is at 1,006,775 unique visitors.) The busiest month so far has been March 2003, and the busiest week the one during which the U.S. invaded Iraq, needlessly proving that war will always attract more interest than books.

Currently, Moorishgirl is being read regularly in several European countries (hello, Iceland), Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia (it passed censors’ filters!), Japan, Argentina, Australia, Tonga (!!), and, of course, Morocco and the U.S.

Regular referrers include Maud, Jonathan, Mark, TMFTML, Lit Saloon, and Salam Pax.

MG readers tend to come from .com, .net, and .edu addresses, but I wish to inform the regular reader who comes from uscourts.gov that I have faithfully served out my latest jury duty summons, have reported all my meager earnings on my taxes, and recycle my paper and plastic.

Regular search words include ‘arab girl,’ ‘arab sex,’ ‘short stories,’ ‘iraqi girl sex,’ ‘literary blog,’ ‘girl on girl’ (and the ubiquitous ‘nell freudenberger’) perhaps needlessly proving that sex will always attract more interest than books.


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