(Not Quite) Back in Action

Thanks to everyone who came to What the Blog? at Housing Works last Friday. I had a great time.

Maud was delightful, and while I can confirm the diminutiveness, I can also say she was just as articulate, smart, and funny in person as over our email exchanges during the last three years. Michael Orthofer (who stepped in to replace Jessa at the last minute) was frighteningly well-read, as you might expect from the proprietor of the Complete Review. George Murray was funny and witty, confirming my own personal mantra of “always hang out with the poets,” which I apply whenever I’m at a literary gathering. Ron Hogan was passionate about blogs and he’s already back at the keyboard, posting up a storm at Beatrice. Dennis Johnson was a very generous and experienced host, always careful to make sure everyone got a chance to say their piece. You’ll see this when the panel airs on BookTV at some point.

I didn’t take photos, but others have. The only odd moment occurred when a very excited woman rushed to shake my hand and called me Bookslut. I understand the anonymity aspect makes it hard to know who is who, but that confusion is pretty wild.

I have lots of mail to catch up on, and other non-blogging obligations to meet, so I probably won’t be able to post until much later today, maybe around lunchtime or even tea-time. Until then, please visit some of the fine blogs on the right hand column.


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