Monoliths Galore

This New York Times article, Arabs in US Raising Money to Back Bush, starts with a startlingly broad generalization:

Wealthy Arab-Americans and foreign-born Muslims who strongly back President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq are adding their names to the ranks of Pioneers and Rangers, the elite Bush supporters who have raised $100,000 or more for his re-election.

Funny thing is, the paper of record has nothing to back up this assertion, save for a few people who happen to be, well, not quite Arab: there’s mention of several wealthy Iranian donors, Pakistani donors, White House dinners, etc. but not really of Ahmed Bin Mohammed of Dearborn or whatever. Perhaps faintly aware of the oddness of the generalization that wealthy Arabs are donating to their nemesis, the writer tries to qualify it:

One reason may be that Arab-Americans are not a monolithic group.

Gee, you think? Why, then, does the very title of the article send the message that these wealthy donors are of the same ethnic group? This is just bizarre.


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