How to Increase Your Blog’s Readership

It’s not that hard, really:
a) start with a semi-controversial topic that has already been beaten to death last week; b) list all sorts of plausible explanations for the hoopla, but leave honesty out of it; c) throw venom at writers, those frugal fools; d) refer to legal advice as ‘zealous litigiousness’; e) compare poor writers to right-wingers; f) brag about teaching ‘English compostion’; g) refer to Maud Newton as ‘Norma Rae’; h) and then complain about ‘logical fallacies such as ad hominems‘; j) without realizing that ad hominem can’t be pluralized and that’s it’s not a logical fallacy; k) make accusations of racism when the post in question makes her stance on the issue clear; l) think that responding to accusations amounts to disavowals.
Plus, it’s easier than having actual content on your blog.


One Response to “How to Increase Your Blog’s Readership”

  1. phnk:blog Says:

    Plus de lecteurs pour votre blog

    Plus de lecteurs sur votre blog ? Facile. Moorish Girl donne (presque) onze mani

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