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Al-Jazeera is reporting that The Da Vinci Code has been banned in Lebanon because Catholic authorities there have taken issue with the book’s claim that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene.

Company partner Ghassan Chebaro told”Eight million copies of the book have been sold in the US and the book is a best-seller throughout Europe. It has been the number one book in Germany for the past three months.
“It is available throughout Italy and copies are even available in the Vatican, so I can’t understand why it has been banned in Lebanon.
“We may not be allowed to sell the book in Lebanon, but we will find out in the next couple of days whether we can sell it outside of the country.”

Earlier this week, Brian Whitaker mentioned in his Guardian article about book publishing in the Arab world that The Da Vinci Code was selling very well in Beirut, so it’s unclear what prompted the sudden change in mood.


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