Brand Spanking New

Since I started the blog in the prebloghistorical era of Oct. 2001, I’ve made quite a few changes in terms of direction. The focus has become increasingly (almost exclusively) literary, and is likely to continue in that direction. Besides the redesign last month, I’m going to be adding a bunch of new features, the first of which is a regular book review column on Wednesdays (and by all means if you’d like to contribute, I’d like to hear from you.) Mostly this is in response to the fact that fiction reviews are getting scarce and I doubt things will improve without some action on the part of fiction readers. Others in the blogosphere have been doing this for a while (The Complete Review is a great place to start, for example) and I see this as part of the same effort. In addition, I feel that even the fiction that does get reviewed tends to be of books that don’t really excite me. Collections, for example, tend to get short changed. So look for a review tomorrow of the debut collection by Hannah Tinti, Animal Crackers. Meanwhile, you can always get the usual round up of literary links, posted below.


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