A New War

To read this Salon article you’ll have to watch a bunch of ads, but it’s probably worth it (just minimize the window while the ads play and get back to it later.)

What was the contest between Bush and John Kerry, after all, if not a proxy war between pommes frites and freedom fries, a referendum on Europe conducted among the American electorate? Kerry, we were told, spoke French and “looked French.” These gibes might have played as humor on Fox News, but they were in deadly earnest.
The French, of course, sank Bush’s hopes for a truly international coalition against Iraq and became the American right’s chosen exemplar of global treachery and cowardice. (Frenchness, you might say, is the new communism.)

Andrew O’Herir talks about the growing schism between Europe and America, which he characterizes as a new Cold War, and which, he says, Europe is winning. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, at least go to the last page and look at the stats on reading, math, poverty, etc.


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