Happy 25th!

The Threepenny Review recently celebrated its 100th issue.

“[It is] a place where literature can be more than what is bought and sold,” founder and editor Wendy Lesser said. “It is literature that has meaning.”

The title of the publication was drawn from Bertolt Brecht’s “Threepenny Opera,” which premiered in the late 1920s. The opera was considered high art converted to music for the masses, available and relatively cheap, Lesser said. “My intention for this publication was to have high art made into something that everyone could get a hold of,” she said.

In other lit mag news, the latest issue of Wordsmitten has interviews with Z.Z. Packer and Chris Offutt. And in other, other news, issue #14 of Boldtype is up, with reviews of books by Chris Abani, Nick Flynn, and Philip Roth.