Faiza Guene Profile

The Daily Star runs a profile of French sensation Faiza Guene, whose book Kiffe Kiffe Demain has already sold 70,000 copies so far.

The daughter of Algerian immigrants, Guene, a writer and aspiring filmmaker, grew up in Les Courtillieres, one of Paris’ large public housing projects in the northeastern suburbs. Her novel, “Kiffe kiffe demain (More of the Same Tomorrow),” recounts the life of a heroine named Doria. (The title loses a lot in the English translation – “Kif kif demain” would be the correct spelling but Guene changed it to reflect the verb “kiffer,” slang for liking something, so the title would have an upbeat connotation.) The book was published in August 2004. It was an instant hit.

The book is due to come out in the States with Harcourt in Spring 2006.

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Thanks to Jonathan for the link.