Susan Darraj Recommends

“Lalita Noronha’s Where Monsoons Cry is an enlightening read,” Susan Muaddi Darraj says. “It’s a vibrant collection of short stories spanning two continents, from India to North America. The heroines of Noronha’s stories are young Indian and Indian-American women, grappling with the cultural clash they face upon immigration, as well as the economic, social, and patriarchal issues that challenge them at home. These stories form a complex, colorful lens that offers a view into the lives of women who struggle to find a home in between the cultural divide. Noronha’s writing is layered, colorful, and poetic. A recommended read.”

Susan Muaddi Darraj is the editor of Scheherazade’s Legacy: Arab and Arab American Women on Writing, and the managing editor of The Baltimore Review. Her essays and fiction have appeared in anthologies such as Colonize This!, Catching a Wave and Dinarzad’s Children