Let The Thrashing Begin

In a profile sure to incense quite a few people, Jackie McGlone describes author Louise Bagshawe, a woman who says she writes “trashy novels”, is unabashedly conservative (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and is apparently not ashamed to admit that she founded the Rock Society at Oxford only so she could use the school’s clout to “make contacts in the record business” (now that‘s wrong.) Here’s Bagshawe in her own words:

But being a trashy novelist is not exactly work, whether you’re doing Chick-Lit or Glam-Style, another of the genres in which I write. I bang out some words for about two or three hours a day; then I tidy up before Caius – we named him after Julius Caesar because it goes pretty well with my husband’s family name, LoCicero – comes home from nursery school.

Bagshawe also believes the Tory Party needs more “articulate women like [her]”.