Kinsey Gets Novel, Film

T.C Boyle’s latest novel The Inner Circle is a fictionalized account of famed zoologist turned sex researcher Alfred C. Kinsey.

The Inner Circle” is recounted by Kinsey’s impressionable colleague John Milk, who is trying to set the record straight for both posterity and himself. Milk — whom the author invented — is one of Kinsey’s research associates, a young man who takes the professor’s undergraduate sex class and soon stumbles his way into “Prof” Kinsey’s personal and professional affections. Because the naive Milk is so indebted to Kinsey, he becomes a perfect partisan of the professor’s life and work — and a most unreliable narrator.

In case you were living under a rock, Kinsey is also the subject of a new film with Liam Neeson, directed by Bill Condon (of Gods and Monsters fame).