A Day Late

The Bulgarian government has made an official suggestion that the death sentence that was passed by the fascist regime of King Boris against poet Nikola Vaptsarov be repealed.

Bulgarian journalists and social activists have reiterated many times their appeal to national prosecution authorities to take due steps to denounce his death sentence and thus remove this shameful act from Bulgarian history.

Vaptsarov was shot by firing squad in Sofia in 1942. He composed until the very end. His last poem was addressed to his wife.

The fight is hard and pitiless
The fight is epic, as they say.
I fell. Another takes my place
Why single out a name?

After the firing squad the worms.
Thus does the simple logic go.
But in the storm we’ll be with you,
My people, for we loved you so.

2 p.m. 23.vii.1942