It Comes From A Place Of Love

Tod Goldberg, who’s been guesting at TEV these past few days, provides this dead-on impression of Bookworm‘s Michael Silverblatt

Michael: Tod, in your transcendent novel Living Dead Girl, you stretch the boundaries of fiction in such a way that the world seems to lack…order…and love, like that poem by Rilke, becomes something like an infection of the soul, a commentary on the socio-economic role we all play in that God and money and danger and the all-encompassing nature of what I like to call “the bukakke” becomes almost a parable from the Bible; or a tone poem; or perhaps it’s like a song you hear on the day your dog dies and that song become synonymous with the death of your dog, until dog, becomes…God. Is that what you were trying to do?
Tod: Uh. Yes.

Silverblatt will be interviewing Dan Chaon today at 2:30 PST.