Shhhh, Noone Tell Her About Miller or Mailer or Joyce or, or, or…

I had to read this a couple of times to make sure I got it right. A Christian college student in Mississippi has dropped out rather than read the required literature for her classes.

Bannerman, who just transferred to [the University of Southern Mississippi] this semester, says the proverbial last straw came after only a few days on campus, when she was required to read a sex-filled, profanity-laced book called Snow Falling On Cedars in her analysis of literature course. “It was just so offensive to me that I couldn’t read it anymore, so I just took the book and tossed it,” she says, “It was at that moment that I thought, I can’t do this — I can’t read this book.”

I’m still stuck at the first line. Snow Falling on Cedars?