Satrapi Chat

Powell’s has put up an interview with Marjane Satrapi, whose Persepolis 2 is out now.

Dave: At one point, you admit to sending an innocent stranger to jail to distract police from your own indiscretions. Do people confront you about that?
Satrapi: People were like, “Why did you say that about yourself?!” And I said, “Because each thing I say has its purpose.”
I consider myself a very nice person, really. I don’t do any harm to people. I’m not jealous or envious of anyone. If I can help people, I do. I consider myself a nice person, but even I could do that out of fear.
I was trying to say that what you have to be scared of is the fear, itself. Nothing but that. When you are scared, it’s not only your muscles that get completely stuck, but also your brain. You don’t think properly. That’s exactly what is happening in this country. People are so scared that they are willing to vote for Bush.