The Khouri Report

Earlier this weekend, it was announced that Khouri’s publisher has decided to pull her books off the shelves permanently. But the latest from La Khouri is that she claims she has not received “any royalties from sales of the book.” The wording is quite careful–she gives the impression that she has received no remuneration for her previous lies. But notice how she doesn’t talk about her advance. On top of this, she now claims that she had intended for the proceeds to go to charity (where was this altruism a few months ago?)

Update: Khouri was interviewed on an Australian TV show yesterday. She maintains that her book was not fiction. She says she did have a friend who was killed, that she was in Jordan at the time of the killing, and that if she returned to her native country she could risk death. Meanwhile, her publisher is not satisfied with the evidence she turned in (photocopies of passport pages appeared to belong to her husband, not to her) and the decision to pull her book hasn’t been changed.

Update 2: The lovely Maud asks about my thoughts on this and I will try and string something coherent together for you, though not today as I’m feeling a bit under the weather.

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