Publishing Boo Hoo Hoo #67

Getting your book published is an enormous accomplishment, but here’s yet another story that confirms that it’s only half the battle. In a guest column, author Stephen Policoff (Beautiful Somewhere Else) talks about his attempts to get his book publicized.

Tina [Pohlman]’s assistant, who took over her projects, swore to me that he would be in touch frequently he never called me again. The first publicity person assigned to the book quit; the second one, who vowed she would be with me to the end, seemed unable to get anything done: Many people to whom I requested the book be sent never received it; she did get me one reading on Cape Cod (the novel takes place there) and seemed quite pleased with herself. But when I asked her to get me other readings – in northern California, for instance, where we were going on a visit – she claimed she couldn’t. My mother got me one instead.
And no one – no one – reviewed the book.

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