Birnbaum at YPR

YPR says that this week, it will present ” presents Interviews with Interviewers, wherein we’ll be interviewing interviewers on the art of interviewing interviewees. If you think that sounded stupid, be grateful we’re not Prince, or you’d have read ‘NtervU’ six times in the preceding sentence.” Duly noted. The first person to submit to the NtervU is Robert Birnbaum. Sample quote:

Y.P.R.: Who do you wish would interview you?
R.B.: The question of who I would like to interview me sounds like a form of who would I like to play me in the movie of my unwritten-but-tending-toward-self-glamorization memoir, Three Hands Clapping. If Robert Duvall were playing me then I would like Jennifer Connelly playing Joan Didion interviewing me. In real life, I would hope that Cynthia Ozick could be interested enough in me to want to have a conversation.

Read the conversation here.