What Would Huey Say?

II’m a big fan of Aaron McGruder, so I was quite excited to come across Ben McGrath’s profile of the cartoonist in the New Yorker. McGruder seems just like I imagined him to be: smart, funny, a little cocky, of course, but also endowed with a healthy dose of self-contradition. For instance he sounds angry with the “big, rich, white leftists” who were in attendance at a Nation fundraiser, but, in defending Michael Moore, had this to say:

People act like you can’t be a left-winger and be rich at the same time, like that’s some type of hypocrisy. It’s not hypocrisy. You gotta get paid. This isn’t the days of the civil-rights era, where you can change the world with a picket sign. You gotta get your money up.

The profile is also full of trivia (McGruder’s first strip was for a college newspaper edited by the disgraced NY Times journalist whose name has never been uttered on this blog; McGruder no longer draws the strip; etc.)
Link via Beatrice.