Sex and the Umma

“Who are you?” Maryam asks the man between her legs.
“Tabari,” he says, looking up, his black beard glistening from where he has been.

“Tabari who?”

“Tabari the Great Islamic Historian,” he says. He slides back under. Maryam remembers something that troubles her.

“Wait aren’t you the guy who wrote all those horrible things against women? I heard of you in the mosque halaqa. You’re an asshole.” It’s too bad, she thinks. He is doing such a oh such a good job otherwise.

“Aw baby, I’m just misunderstood,” Tabari whimpers.

Mohja Kahf’s column on Sex and the Umma is definitely worth a look.
Link via Kitabkhana, who is relieved to find a woman writer who’s not always riffing on the “oppressed, depressed, repressed” theme.