Oh, No, Not Again

Yet another article on chick-lit, this one from the Utne Reader, summarizing the recent discussions of the place of chick-lit within other commercial fiction and the amalgamation of different books under the general banner of chick-lit.

So is the critical uproar over chick lit over the top? Could be. After all, who says that trashy beach reads can’t coexist with smart postfeminist books? (One of the points of third-wave, “lipstick” feminism, is exactly that — that women don’t have to be one kind of human being, with one kind of pleasure, all the time.) Even within so-called chick lit, there is variety in quality and subject matter (witness new branches like “mommy lit” and “Latina lit”), and it is hard to make generalizations — another lesson of modern feminism.

Read the full article here. Thanks to K. for the link.