New PBoz, New TBR, New Granta

This week’s offerings from Pindeldyboz include fiction by Myfanwy Collins, Jeff Barnosky, M.O. Walsh, Ruth Almon, and Wendy Ogden.

The latest issue of The Barcelona Review is now up, with work by Leelila Strogov, Simmone Howell and Connla Strokes, plus a retrospective on Manuel Vazquez Montalbon.

Granta has highlights from its “Over There” issue available freely on the Web. The editors asked a bunch of writers to talk about how America sees the world (you’ll want to read this in conjunction with their previous issue, which was on how outsiders see America.) I wanted to direct readers to Murad Kalam’s piece, where he talks about the time he spent in Egypt and his disillusionment with the Arab-Muslim world (or what he’s seen of it.) I have to say I do agree with him about the “tyranny that now masquerades as Islam” though I wish he had elaborated a bit more on that and tried to tease the political from the liturgical.