will she or won’t she?

Although I’m leery of the recall vote, the election may actually turn out to be quite interesting.* (Whether it’s actually good for California is another thing altogether.) For example, it sounds as though Arianna Huffington might indeed run. The woman is a bit of mystery to me (as is Christopher Hitchens, actually.) She’s moved from being a darling of the right to a leftist pundit who has it in for pigs at the trough. (Meanwhile Hitchens transformed himself from a leftist critic of Henry Kissinger to a supporter of Cheney, Wolfowitz et al.) It boggles the mind. Then again, change is a part of life.
Anyway, Arianna has been playing coy about whether she’ll run for governor of California. She hasn’t announced her candidacy yet, but the L.A. Weekly makes it sound as though this will happen shortly.

*Oooh. Where was I? I just heard that Larry Flynt is running. And Gary Coleman. Kato Kaelin, where are you?


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