will ferrell at harvard

On WMDs, porn stars, Ernesto Zedillo, and other things graduates should know: Ferrell’s commencement speech at Harvard.
Link via Killing Goliath.


3 Responses to “will ferrell at harvard”

  1. eldan Says:

    So that’s why people go to Harvard? All we got was Sir Richard Attenborough crying.

  2. erik Says:

    All we got was our University’s rector telling us about duty and privilege. I think he got his thoughts muddled after “Ladies and Gentlemen”. It was the most intensely boring hour I’ve spent in my entire life.

  3. Jonathan Edelstein Says:

    I have an unbroken record of never attending any of my own graduations. I’ve always felt that I had better things to do with an afternoon than listen to several hours of pointless speeches from people I probably wouldn’t invite into my home.

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