what makes a (British) bestseller?

Tim Adams read every novel in last week’s top 10 list to see what makes it rise above the rest. Read ’em and weep.


4 Responses to “what makes a (British) bestseller?”

  1. dud Says:

    An independent survey of Brits’ reading habits,performed by myself on London’s public transport over the last week,reveals:

    *Harry Potter
    *candy coloured chick lit
    *a bargain basement

  2. Sugar Kane Says:

    Here in Washington DC it’s about the same, only knock out one Harry Potter and replace it with a true-crime novel titled something like “Dead Wrong”. Then, for each book on your list, add one work-related paper or book, most likely a dull bureaucratic briefing paper. Washingtonians are obsessed with work.

  3. eldan Says:

    dud: are you sure that Middlemarch and Access For Dummies weren’t just false covers to hide Harry Potter?

  4. dud Says:

    sugar : anything not actually bound between covers was disqualified,thus eliminating a tottering pile of reports,proposals and middle-management dreck. But there was plenty .Ditto for dickhead merchant bankers peering self-importantly into their laptops.

    eldan : plausible theory. They’re all of a similar size. But Middlemarch had the authentic appearance of a discounted classic,printed as it was in a Lilliputian micro-font on grey and granular industrial-grade toilet paper. No cash cow like Rowling would get that get kind of treatment.

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