The war is about 12 days old now. Casualties: The death toll so far includes 47 American soldiers, 25 British soldiers, but no count on Iraqi soldiers was given by either side. Missing in action: 16 American soldiers. POWs: 7 American soldiers (according to the Iraqi government) and 8,000 Iraqi soldiers (according to the US.) Iraqi civilians: 425, according to the Iraqi government.
American civilians: One man of Middle-Eastern descent, gunned down on March 20 in a hate crime, plus other incidents of harassment.


2 Responses to “toll”

  1. Big John Says:

    The UN claims that 30,000 Iraqis, mostly children, die every year due to privation caused by the sanctions. This war will bring a merciful end to that horrendous death toll.

    In other words, the non-war, ‘peaceful’ way of containing Saddam has prematurely ended the lives of at least 300,000 Iraqi people. This did not have to happen, but Saddam had to maintain his vast network of goon squads, not to mention his huge army, and something had to give.

    Unfortunately, on the rare occasion that this is discussed, WE are blamed by many. Yes war is ugly, but sometimes it is the least painful option. Would that a short brutal war had stopped Hitler in 1933, or even 1938…

    Witness the atomic bombings of Japan, estimated to have saved 1 million American lives, and who knows how many millions of Japanese?

    So far, this current war is a very small beer, compared with anything I have mentioned.

  2. moorishgirl Says:

    Sanctions don’t work, I think we agree on this. Look at Cuba: 40+ years of sanctions and good old Fidel is still around and stronger, if anything. Sanctions punish people, not dictators, so to have them imposed was foolish, not to mention cruel. And as far as this war goes, the jury’s still out on what the casualties will be like, in Iraq and elsewhere.

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