the good, the bad, and the ugly

You figure out which is which. In the aftermath of the suicide bombings in Casablanca, a massive march (between ‘a few hundred thousand’ and ‘two million’ people, depending on whom you ask) was held to protest against fundamentalism and terrorism. A few days after the bombings, Moroccan investigators had already arrested a man suspected to be the coordinator. But the man died in custody, the official reason being that he had suffered from ‘chronic heart disease.’ Then the king went on TV to say that the bombings signal the end of the “era of laxism.” Sure enough, Parliament passed a new anti-terrorism bill that restricts civil rights. And signs of repression have multiplied (see this article for a quick overview.)


One Response to “the good, the bad, and the ugly”

  1. Larry Lurex Says:

    Is this the same King who invaded Parsley island?

    He seems to have a firm grip on reality (ahem).

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