test sanitization: suite (et fin?)

In a June 3rd entry, I had mentioned the recent discovery that the New York high school exam questions included many literary passages (from the likes of Chekhov and Singer), which had been “cleaned up” to remove references to gender, race, religion, sex, (all the fun stuff.) You would think that the outcry over this would have made the board clean up its act, so to speak.
Not a chance. Today’s New York Times says they’re still at it:
“A review of the most recent state exam, given in August, reveals that they did it again, this time altering Franz Kafka and sanitizing Aldous Huxley.
Worse yet, a historian quoted on the exam believes that a test question based on his work has more than one correct answer. If he is right, it may mean that some high school students who failed the August test actually passed and could be eligible for a diploma.” (article requires registration)

P.S: On a related note, see a July 22nd post on how textbooks (not just exams) are altered in Texas to avoid “offending” people.


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