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It’s been a little over a week since the toppling of the bronze statue of Saddam. In my post on the subject, I was more concerned about the aftermath than about the photo-op. The whole thing had seemed too neat to me, but I wasn’t sarcastic in the least.
Well, it’s been long enough.
By now, I bet most readers have already seen the aerial shot that shows the square surrounded by tanks, and a few dozen Iraqis on hand for the toppling. Most of you know that the square was conveniently located across from the Palestine Hotel, where journalists are staying; that an American flag was wrapped around the statue’s head, but due to heckling by the crowd, it was replaced by an Iraqi flag, which was also taken off before the statue was brought down. An interesting fact has also surfaced: the American flag that was wrapped around the statue’s head was the same flag that flew over the Pentagon on September 11.
The Administration’s response? Oh, it was all just a big coincidence.


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  1. Dex Says:

    Okay, so “maybe” it was staged….seems to me to be fair game in “psy-ops.” And, if the alternative was house to house fighting in Baghdad, as well as all the other cities, then it seems to me to be a good thing, not an outrageous thing.

    Perhaps disingenuous, but effective… the populace a nudge, showing them that they can rebel against Husseins machine.

    I studied the aerial photos that you linked to:

    In several of the pictures, I see what appears to be american (coalition(?), haha) military vehicles ringing the square and a small group of what appears to be civilians surrounding the statue and the vehicle that dragged it down………..all else appears empty, except for usa vehicles…..

    In some later(?) photos…I see more “civilians” on the surrounding streets (even a man holding a child), and what appears to be a traffic jam of civilian vehicles on the road above and to the right of the statue…

    So, it appears to me that this was certainly staged (ahem, with the pentagon flag just happening to be there, too), but very succesful, effective, and really not all that nefarious.

    I think it was Propaganda that ultimately saved lives, both Iraqi and “Coalition,” that sped the fall of the “regime”

    (PS. I am by no means a Hawk….just calling them as I see them…….the pen is mightier than the sword, and a picture is worth a thousand words…..) or, in this case, a thousand lives.

  2. Big John Says:

    My take on this is that it displays just how ham-fisted the US military can be when attempting to stage a ‘moment’. The historical nature of the event can’t be denied, but these guy nearly blew it anyway.

    If a movie director type had been in charge, the crowd (and the passion) would have been allowed to build much longer. Word would have gone out on the streets that the big statue was resisting being toppled. Soon, a massive crowd gathers, 5000 people grab the rope, and that’s all she wrote. Talk about closure!

    Alas, generals in America are good at neutralizing the enemy, but not understanding the nuances and drama of history. What a scene that WOULD have been! If Psyops had their mitts on this, they badly need guidance.

    And who’s idea was that flag thing? Good Ghod! Stupid, stupid…

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