sold out

It’s looking more and more like the Kurds will be sold out in Bush’s efforts to invade Iraq. In exchange for using Turkey’s bases, Turkey is most likely going to have the right to occupy what has been essentially a self-governing area of Iraq for 10 years.
Nice going. Bush’s “liberators” are paving the way for a colonial enterprise on the part of Turkey. Isn’t it surreal that we are going to go to war with Iraq over its violations of UN resolutions, and in so doing, will ease the way for Turkey, which has violated even more resolutions than Iraq? (FYI, the top violators are, in order, Israel (31), Turkey (23), Morocco (18), all of them U.S. allies). And who knows how will such a move affect Kurds in other nations? (Besides Iraq and Turkey, there are Kurds in neighboring Iraq and Syria.)
Get the duct tape out.


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