so who’s the fox?

Doris Lessing calls Tony Blair a “rabbit” and reminisces about a meeting with Henry Kissinger during which he talked about a “kitten bomb.”


3 Responses to “so who’s the fox?”

  1. Leila Says:

    Doris Lessing is quite wise. She has written in different places, sometimes essays, sometimes fiction, about mass hysteria and political movements. She wrote in her memoir that Americans are subject to fevers. She’s right. She was (or maybe still is) a Sufi and she has at times written from an extremely mystical perspective.

    She’s not in fashion here in the US but I really admire her writing. SHe has enormous vision but at the same time she does the most minute details of daily life with exquisite brushstrokes. DOrothy Bryant recommends reading Lessing to learn how to do the 3d person omniscient point of view.

    I love this site, Moorish Girl, shukran jiddan.

    Leila Abu-Saba

  2. moorishgirl Says:

    Al ‘afw, Leila. Come back and visit often.

  3. Dud Says:

    I think it’s interesting that the two things she berates Blair for – misplaced Utopianism and reverence for power – are the two things that seem to annoy her most about her own youthful incarnation as a Marxist and admirer of the USSR. ‘Very embarrassing,all that rubbish’.

    Not that she’s wrong about Blair!

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