sinbad spun

Dreamworks’ Sinbad movie bears little resemblance to its Middle-Eastern roots. It’s been Greco-Romanized, says this National Geographic article.


3 Responses to “sinbad spun”

  1. Larry Lurex Says:

    And someone is surprised? Islamic culture is becoming increasingly marginalised, which is a great shame I think.

    Positively devastating for Muslims.

  2. moorishgirl Says:

    I’m thinking of dying my hair blond and renaming myself Linda.

  3. Larry Lurex Says:

    Hey Linda! Seriously though, I think they have missed a great opportunity. A lot of people want to find out more about Islamic culture and history, and we need people around who can explain it to us.

    Anyway, everyone knows brown hair is sexier. Blonde just says you’re not fond of thinking.

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