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While it’s nice to see that the Valerie Plame story is finally getting some coverage (what was holding it? the leak came out in July!) I’m dismayed at the fact that it’s turning into a partisan scandalfest. Yes, the leaks are disturbing. But if we’re going to be this outraged, how about we save some indignation for these other stories: that, while more Americans live in poverty the 400 richest Americans got richer and will likely get even more tax breaks; that Worldcom is getting a $45M contract to build a cell network in Iraq despite the fact that it has no experience in this field and despite the fact that other competitors with proper experience bid on the contract; that when Bremer was asked why he needs $400M to build two 4,000 bed prisons (that’s 50,000 per cot) his response was that there was a “shortage of cement” in Iraq; that Bush signed an executive order last May that essentially gives legal immunity to oil companies in Iraq even in cases of human rights abuses. And the kicker? That, after failing to find those dreaded WMD, the Administration now wants us to believe that Saddam bluffed on WMD. Gawd!


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  1. Keywords Says:


    From a poem by Adonis (Ali Ahmad Said), who is one of the front-runners for this year’s Nobel Prize in literature: The Flood /2 Go, pigeon, go. We do not want you to return. They have surrendered their flesh to the rocks, and I – here I am sliding towa…

  2. Miel Says:

    Just one word: Exactly.

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