sad news

The poet Reetika Vazirani (and wife of Pulitzer prize winner Yusef Komunyakaa) killed her son and then committed suicide. Details are scant. Link via Moby.


2 Responses to “sad news”

  1. Red Wright-Hand Says:

    I don’t fault you for blanking on the details of this sickening tragedy, but Reetika Vazirani did not “kill herself and then commit suicide”….she killed her two-year-old son before killing herself. I am also pretty certain, some news reports notwithstanding, that she and Yusef Komunyakaa were not married, though he was the father of her son.

  2. moorishgirl Says:

    I meant to say “killed her son and then herself” and it came out as “killed herself” twice. Thanks for catching that and also for the clarification on her relationship with Komunyakaa.

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