Even in the middle of all the carnage, sometimes good news seeps in, and you start thinking, well, maybe things will work out. Like the story of Jessica Lynch, the 19-year-old vet from Palestine, West Virginia, who was captured by the Iraqi forces, dramatically rescued, and will soon be reunited with her parents. Or like the images (shown repeatedly on CNN) of the 101st Airborne sweeping through Najaf and being greeted (for a change) by some of the population. So you think, well, it would be great to be wrong about this. And then you hear that there’s already discussion of Americans heading each of the 23 ministries in Iraq. You hear that there are growing sentiments of Arab nationalism and you wonder when the next Gamal Abd-El-Nasser will come out. And then you reach for your Valium.


7 Responses to “roller-coaster”

  1. Adnan Says:

    grr.. *breaks furniture*

  2. erik Says:

    The only good news that can come out of this war is that it is over.

  3. 0xdeadbeef Says:

    Yep. Get it the heck over with. Sooner the better, with no more deaths on either side!

  4. Big John Says:

    Keep in mind that these people have been living in abject fear of Saddam for a generation. When it finally sinks in that the long nightmare is over, look out. It’s going to get real interesting…

    A lot of unpleasant facts will come to light, both internal and external to Iraq. I believe the French in particular will be embarrassed.

    BTW, looks like it won’t be all that long a war, folks. The anti-war crowd will be gnashing their teeth till it hurts…

  5. Omar Says:

    That doesn’t make any sense. wHy would the anti-war crowd want the war to last longer? We want it over as soon as possible. Even if it ends quickly, it was still a bogus war that killed quite a few civilians.
    If what I hear is correct on talk radio today, we might become occupiers soon. All welcome the beginning of the new American empire. Soon we will make the British empire look like a joke.

  6. Big John Says:

    To Omar:

    “That doesn’t make any sense. wHy would the anti-war crowd want the war to last longer? We want it over as soon as possible.”

    I respectfully disagree. I believe the anti-war crowd by and large was lusting after another Vietnam type quagmire to pin on Bush and his supporters. Why else were the big media guys so quick to shout “we’re faltering!” when it was obviously a short pause to consolidate major gains?

    Sure the peaceniks don’t like bloodshed, but the evil cynic inside me says that at least a few of them would secretly enjoy seeing the military get badly mauled. Am I wrong?

  7. eldan Says:

    Big John: yes, you’re wrong. I can’t speak for all the peaceniks, but everything I’ve read from sources that oppose the war has taken the same line as me, in saying that now the war has started the quicker it’s over the better.

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