recall woes

Okay, so it’s happening in a week. Let’s see if I can put it succintly*. So. Davis is a crook. Arianna is a hypocrite. Bustamante is a casino whore. Arnold hates women. Camejo is a tree-hugger. McClintock is a party pooper. And the other 130 candidates, well, let’s just say they have a pulse (I think. I’m not sure about some of them.) Meanwhile, the budget is out of whack, our schools are falling apart, our prisons are gleaming, and traffic is bad.

I ask you: whom would you vote for and why?

*Kindly append “allegedly” to all these statements.


3 Responses to “recall woes”

  1. Leila Says:

    I’m voting no on recall and for Bustamante. Of course he is a flawed politician (like what was up with that lunch in Emeryville some years ago where he kept using the n word to an African American audience? I assume he’d had too much to drink) but I want the Democrat in.

    THe whole thing is a nightmare. Worse yet, it’s an incredible distraction from the real issues of the day.


  2. Larry Says:

    What irks me about this recall is how media and the voiced public opinion are able to finger Davis as the reason for all the state

  3. Sage Says:

    No on recall and yes for Bustamante. Like most Caleeforniahns, I am a bit disappointed with our current governor, but nothing angers me more than our ‘disposable’ mentality. If you don’t like something, return (recall) it! If you want to have a barbeque and the dog is in the way, drop it off at the pound. If you don’t want to be responsible for the elected governor, get rid of him!
    As for Bustamante, well I see him as the lesser of the evils. Of course I wouldn’t mind seeing a tree-hugger in office but I’m surely going to regret being the state that has another Predator alumnus in office…. oh, and the thought of seeing his zombie wife more on television adds to my general stress level.

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