quel culot!

It’s French, I know, but I can’t think of another expression to convey my dismay at Rev. Franklin Graham. This is a man who in 2001 went on the record as saying that Islam is “wicked, violent, and not of the same god,” and who has refused to retract those comments–I think his words were “stands by his statement” as though he were a journalist and as though we were talking about quantifiable facts.
Now Graham actually has the nerve to go to Jordan with his charity, Samaritan’s Purse, waiting for Iraq to be safe enough so he can enter it to provide relief. And a little evangelical help to the heathens. Does he honestly think that Iraqis will want to hear from a man who has insulted their religion?
To top it off, the Pentagon, never one to shy away from indelicate moves, invites the man to give an address for Good Friday, much to the dismay of the Pentagon’s Muslim employees.
Quel culot!


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  1. Sugarkane Says:

    Your expression is fine – I can’t think of a better one either. The administration can invade a country without the blessing of the UN and cancel all sorts of civil rights at home, but its hands are tied when it comes to giving this guy a permit to enter Iraq? Puhleez.

    Oh, and why exactly does the Pentagon need an official Good Friday address to be given by anyone, let alone Billy Graham Jr.?

  2. alan Says:

    Worse yet, the aid packets contain messages telling them to follow Jesus…

    Story is on npr

  3. Jos Says:

    I can think of a better expression: jilipollas.

  4. Big John Says:

    “The administration can invade a country without the blessing of the UN and cancel all sorts of civil rights at home, but its hands are tied when it comes to giving this guy a permit to enter Iraq?”

    I agree that this Graham guy is a cretin (like all religous fanatics), but in regard to the war, our ‘administration’ was and is backed by me, and hundreds of millions of other Americans like me.

    Please don’t pretend we don’t exist, okay? Bush is no rogue president. You’re thinking of the last one.

  5. Sugarkane Says:

    Big John, You bring up issues way beyond the scope of a comment board on somebody’s blog. I’d rather not abuse MoorishGirl’s gracious hospitality by fighting in here.

  6. Carlsbad Says:

    Gee, Graham is like all other partisan religious bigots, though far less violent than the Muslim ones calling for “Death to Jews” and “Death to Infidels”. Do you get as stressed out at them? Where can I find this on your site?

  7. moorishgirl Says:

    Ah..the old myth returns–Muslims are far more violent than Christians. Must be something in the food. Hmm?

  8. Carlsbad Says:

    What myth? This is what’s happening now and if you wished to blog honestly, you’d report on it.

    Muslim leaders have been quoted in all the Arab press, even the American and British Arab press. Name a recent Christian religious leader who has called for the death of any religious group.

    Calling that a myth is a cheap and easy way to try and get around the truth: Many Muslim religious leaders HAVE called for the death of all Jews or all Infidels recently–Christians, Hindus, etc.

    From REPORT, Canada’s independent newsmag, most of the anti-Jewish attacks in Europe and the US are by Muslims–importing prejudice:
    Two weeks ago, a Berlin police official urged that Jews “should stop wearing religious symbols in the German capital to avoid anti-Semitic attacks by Arabs.” The Berlin police later apologized. Violent anti-Semitic attacks have swept Europe in recent months, and the worst have been in France. According to Agence France Presse, “Members of the country’s 700,000-strong Jewish community were starting to develop a fortress mentality in the face of the authorities’ inability to stop the assaults, graffiti and swearing directed at them, sociologists and anti-racist groups warned. At the same time some marginalized youths from North African immigrant families, who make up the bulk of France’s five million Muslims, are increasingly seeing it as their role to defend the Palestinian cause by targeting symbols of Judaism–synagogues, Jewish schools, even homes and individuals.”

  9. moorishgirl Says:


    Without getting into a flame war, please understand that this blog is meant as my own take on things. I don’t have to be objective (although I try) and you don’t have to agree. If you want to hear how rotten and horrible Muslims are, there are plenty of other blogs for that.

    To answer the point you raise, the list of atrocities committed by Christians is quite long (Slavery in this country, the Nazis’ extermination of Jews in Europe, the colonization of Africa, the genocide of the native Indians in South America etc.) And yet, everyone understands that these horrors are products of Christendom not Christianity. Those standards are not used for Islam, and anytime a horrible crime is committed by a Muslim, then Islam and all of its adherents are somehow to blame. The fact that some wacko in Lahore or Cairo or Damascus says that people should fight invaders and kill infidels gets quite a bit of coverage, but there are 1 billion Muslims on the planet. For God’s sake, what did the rest of them have to do with the loonies?

    As for anti-Semitic attacks, they are definitely on the rise, but I would also point out that hate crimes against Arabs have gone up 1,400% since 9/11. We do not live in particularly good times right now. Not for anyone.

  10. Carlsbad Says:

    Look, I’d be glad to celebrate the good things in Arab/Muslim culture, like the emphasis on family–even if it usually means women get stuck in the back of the house, but be reasonable, when you blog and invite comments from the public, you open yourself up to scrutiny–it’s no longer a private cheering section for your friends.

    Bringing up the Indians, the Crusades, and Hitler is a way to divert attention from the present–be honest: what can we do about those who died 800, 150, or even 60 years ago? All we can do is protest those who call for killing now, and when it comes to religious leaders calling for death, well, they’re Muslim.

    Did I say this had anything to do with the general Muslim population? Nope, I didn’t. Did I accuse you of being anti-Christian? Nope, I didn’t.

    The 1,400% increase in anti-Muslim attacks includes “dirty looks” and “name-calling in schools” and the inclusion of possible robbery-homicides of convenience store owners (always a hazardous occupation, regardless of race or religion)–and remember, it was a rise from virtually 0. Pardon me while I fail to take those things seriously in the light of enslaved Christians, dead East Timorese, the death penalty for converting from Islam and other things called for by the general Islamic culture in many countries (note: not all). Oh, and the rise in anti-Semitic attacks is mostly caused by immigrant Muslims (not clerics, far as I can see). Maybe you should consider addressing that a bit more and you won’t have negative comments about subjectivity.

    (And ps: if the soldiers had shot looters at the museum in Baghdad, bet you’d be complaining about the death of humans for the sake of possessions. America doesn’t give the death penalty or cut off hands for stealing. The looting was the Iraqis’ fault, not ours.)

  11. thehiker Says:

    I think it’s funny how racism against muslims and arabs has become one of the few forms of acceptable racism these days.

    To say that the increase in anti-muslim attacks is “dirty looks” is just plain wrong. There have been many incidents in this country and abroad where muslims have been physically harmed and / or property vandalized. I am sad to say that even in the city where I reside there have been a few attacks and a number vandalizations.

    And as far as I know the KKK still currently exists and conducts racism against african americans and other minorities in the name of the gospel.

    I don’t think moorishgirl was trying to apologize for the islamic loonies, but rather contextualize that it is not Islam that is the root of hatred. There are many communities in Europe where orthodox jews and muslims share a close relationship because they share similar values.

    When you say, “America doesn’t give the death penalty or cut off hands for stealing.” Well that’s funny because neither did Iraq. I don’t think we need to look for blame as to the cause of the looting but rather the responsibility once the looting started. I lived in Los Angeles during the 1992 riots and have seen a lot of looting. These things happen when you get a mob of angry people. But the sad part was that the police did little or nothing to stop the looting. And that’s exactly what happened in Iraq. If you take out the authority to stop it criminals, you have the responsibility to enforce the law. The military had taken guns away from local militia who were trying to protect personal property but did nothing to stop what was going on. A show of force would have gone a long way to stop these and future incedents.

    But you know what? I know that it doesn’t matter what I say or any number of people say will change your mind. And what you say won’t change ours. I’m not going to hold an entire group of people (arabs and muslims) at fault for a small percentage of their actions or words. I know too many muslims that don’t act the way you say they act and too many muslim women who aren’t subservient and are independent (some even wear the pants) in their families. And I know too many muslims with jewish and christian friends and / or significant others. And you know what? They actually love each other! What a concept. I’ll go by personal observations over what I hear in the media any day.

    Peace and Love,


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